Monday, March 9, 2009

My first Food Network Challenge!

This a picture of me at the shop surrounded by display cakes from the showroom.
Adding our first cakes to the armature. I built the cake while worked on making the figurines.
Smoothing on the fondant panel in the front of her dress. I painted the castle on top of the hill with the trail coming down to where Snow White will be sitting.

Adding the body and arms to our "Evil Queen"
Ashley working on the Dwarfs while I work on the "heart box"
Keegen checking out our Snow White
One of the Dwarfs with his "chocolate jewels"

Moving the cake to the judging table!
Keegan announces the winner!

Me with my photographer, my son Adam.

Me, Ashley, Grace's Assistant, Grace Chyun, Kristen, Richard Ruskell, Lauren Kitchens and Asst.

My cheerleaders, Cheyenne, Joseph, Karen and Brother John

Me with the judges, Keegan Gerhard, Kerry Vincent, and Patrick Costen


  1. I Tivoed the competition and finally got a chance to watch tonight. I thought you both did GREAT and hope to see more of the both of you in future challenges! The cake displayed an "eye" that you don't experience to frequently with other contestants. I love the sense of humor, too!

    It's about time there's a "home team" to root for on there! :D

  2. What an amazing cake. You do wonderful work and I am so glad that you were able to represent. :)